Worst Putrid Tongue

by Abysmal Growls Of Despair



Enlil, Enki and Ereshkigal are three sumerians' gods.
Ereshkigal is the goddess of hell.
Sumerians are the first civilisation in mesopotamia, the first village found by them is from 9 000 years before Christ. Their apogee are arround -4 000 and - 2 000 years BC.
Arioch is the most powerful god of chaos in Micheal Moorcock stories.


released September 13, 2016

Hangsvart - everythings.


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Abysmal Growls Of Despair France

Onemanband of extreme musics, drifting through wide range of sounds like ritualistic dark ambient, drone and funeral doom.

"It's just so overwhelming that it overtakes you and, like I said, a few times I had to switch it off to take a breath and escape the suffocating grip this yields on the body and spirit."
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Track Name: Arioch
I am the wanderer between the world
I breath your soul
I spread the chaos

My kingdom is beneath the stones
Where lay eternaly the heart of storms

my hunger is insatiable
my might has no equal

Your miserable life
will serve me
You've called me from the shadows
you've make the ancient sign

I've heard you, and answer your request
But now your soul belong to me
Track Name: Enlil
The first soul was mine
The first gods were mine
I am the begining
I am the lord

the reign of your god is over
I sleep since three thousand years
Under my temple of Nibru
But the time has come to raise

Hear my call ! Raise from your sleep !
Su'en ! Inanna ! Utu ! Ishkur !
Wake up from underground ocean !
Nammu ! Enki ! Ninhursag !

My sweet Ninlil, take my hand,
Open your eyes once more,
Our reign over the cosmos is coming,
Mankind will suffer they disobedience.

Our might is complet,
They will remind the ancient gods,
I am Enlil, God of Gods !
I am Enlil master of cosmos !
Track Name: Enki
My world is far under your earth
At the edge of darkness
Surrounded by Abzu
I rule in the heart of Eridu

My knowledge is without limit
My wisdom has no border
I am the lord of secret arts
I am the lord of technics

My reign is over since so long
I wait in my eternal kingdom
My wife Ninhursag at my side
We are ready to raise once more

Enlil is awaken over centuries
His might has recovered his strengh
Our lord has waited enough
The pitiful mankind is lost.
Track Name: Ereshkigal
I am the great priest of Kutha !
Temple of Ereshkigal, her darkness majesty !
Hear my call beyond cosmos !
I requiert your power !

The enemies of your temple are at the door of the city,
They pray a new god far away from your strengh.
Give us your blessing, raise the moon and let fall the night !
Send us your worst demons as we'll could earase them !

We will give you their souls,
We will throw them into the well,
We will spread your name,
Over their wasted land !

Ereshkigal ! You are here from centuries !
Ereshkigal ! You are our mistress !
Ereshkigal ! You rule over the underworld !
Ereshkigal ! Lady of the great land !

We belong to you, Ereshkigal.
Our journey will lead us to Irkalla,
To be your servants for eternity.
Hear my call and raise from hell !

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