Monde Agonisant

by Abysmal Growls Of Despair

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These two tracks are old ones, but I think they're still good enough.


released September 3, 2015



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Abysmal Growls Of Despair France

" It's just so overwhelming that it overtakes you and, like I said, a few times I had to switch it off to take a breath and escape the suffocating grip this yields on the body and spirit. "

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Track Name: Monde Agonisant
Rougissant à vu d'œil le ciel finit sa nuit,
masses informes s'éclairant avec horreur.

Irrité comme à mon habitude,
les yeux ouverts sur rien.
Pour un jour encore à venir ...
... immense regret.

Piétine vers la foule,
taches humaines.

J'oublie bien vite la fraîcheur matinale.
Il ne reste plus grand chose à travers mes mots.
Peut-être un monde agonisant.

Ô pudeur ! Cache moi de ma honte ...

S'assombrissant à vue d'œil, le ciel finit son jour.
Pour un autre jour encore à venir.
Track Name: Always Disgusted
When the time is burning cold
and when the life is drowning deep
When they wear their shining coat
and when they shout as bleeding pigs

I feel the blame of a story tale
I search the aim in a blackened cave
I blow my head through the flames
And I'm just feeling ashamed