Purpose Revealed

by Abysmal Growls Of Despair



Magnificent of the dark,
Beauty from the black earth,
Ereshkigal, queen of all dead,
I bow my head infront of you.

Ruler of the underworld,
Lady of power and will,
Mother of Namtar, my protector,
I come to salute you.

I am honored to be the chosen one,
Your son has fullfiled his task,
I am here for your greatness,
Your will is mine now.

Maleficent and powerful,
Lady of the great land,
Kur is now my home,
I belong to Irkalla and i am your servitor.

I admire your ancestral being,
I praise your unlimited knowledge,
I answer to your call with pride,
I will serve you with honor.

Terrible mother of all demons,
Goddess of Darkness and Death,
Your anger will be satisfied,
My life belongs to your vengeance.


Namtar, god of death and fate,
I am proud to follow your order,
By your name I will open the Gate,
For The Lady of the great land.

Numerous are under my control,
Blood of thousands will feed the ground,
By the power you allow me,
Namtar, descendant of the Primordial evil.

I am at the ancient assembly of Gods,
The Mountain House, forgotten for too long,
Once again, Ekur will rule the Earth,
Under the dynasty of the almighty Ereshkigal.


Dirty people, your kind has forgotten those who woke you up,
Thousands years ago, Gods came from beyond the stars,
They reached Earth and awakened all life to consciousness.
Mankind was chosen to be their son, and they taught us all things.
But your putrid mind turned away from their knowledge,
To praise your own hubris.
You sank into mediocrity and decadence, and crawled away from their light.
After three thousand years, Gods left the Earth and let you rot.
But they have chosen to give us a last chance.
Ereshkigal has been sent back to Earth, to her ancient kingdom, Kur,
Deep below the surface, in the mighty darkness, the Great Land of The Dead.
My terrible queen, of all the dead and demons, put her hopes in a simple man,
To open the gates of Irkalla Kur and to allow her sons and daughters to enter in our world.
A man under the protection of Namtar, the almighty son of Ereshkigal, god of Death and Fate on Earth, a simple man turned into the living will of her Majesty of Darkness.
You are facing this man, and you have all answered to my command.
Men of faith, as you call yourselves, from your own imaginary god,
You are gathered here to offer the last hope of salvation to this fetid humanity.
You have fought each other for your god, for centuries of wars and hatred,
Without even understand that you all worship the same god, the same imaginary being.
Now, against your will, against your ideas, i command you for the ultimate sacrifice,
Kill, slaughter, let the blood cascade, let the guts shine on the sand, let your lives open the gate.

Sublime. The smell of a thousand corpses. The echos of agony. Wonder. Death.


Namtar, great son of the greatest,
Ruler of destiny and fate,
I have fullfilled my purpose,
And under your mighty name,
The Gate is finally open.

Ô beauty of darnkess,
Conquers my world and makes it yours,
Your will is now done,
I welcome you, My Queen,
The Gate is open.

Blood of the false worshipers,
Melted flesh of those who have forgotten,
Enter through the ground,
Feed the Demons, Feed the Gods,
The Gate is open.


released September 18, 2018


all rights reserved



Abysmal Growls Of Despair UK

Onemanband of extreme musics, drifting through wide range of sounds like ritualistic dark ambient, drone and funeral doom.

"It's just so overwhelming that it overtakes you and, like I said, a few times I had to switch it off to take a breath and escape the suffocating grip this yields on the body and spirit."
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