Darkness grows on my soul, hit by light, Weaving my shadow with fear. Then, in ebony, my life veils, dried by shameful days. Fragile scars, my words are empty. From a dying dream will come the dark swain, And my bones, between dust and laments, will stay my lonesome answer.
The black deer with his sleeping bough, Blames the awakening silence. Mists and shadows arouse my mind, I would have thought to be alive … In the drifting darkness, Absurdity laugh at me. Its fat and trembling voice, Overcomes my joys. As a burden it awakes me, Numbing my wishes, It spreads horrors of my sleep, In a vision of my life. Absent in life, I will be in death, My eyes open in front of the abyss, Will watch the horizon becomes in collusion With the silence and its crime.
Vision 08:23
Je vois la mort comme ces étendues brumeuses, où l'air glacé enflamme le brouillard de l'aube. Où les grands sapins droits, tendus vers le ciel, semblent comme des murmures. Où la vague lumière naissante au loin, perce jusqu'au sol, puis s'éteint. Où les rochers, comme les colosses des temps jadis, seraient les gardiens d'un jardin ancestral.
Solitude 14:30
Nothingness dwells in my life Slowly my sorrow is blowing out Each gleams of hope I breathe in fragments of light My frail breath Drives my hollow heart All shape of wishes Flowing out in this solitude My tears drop on my arms Breaking the silence of a wasted life Despair is being more intense Burning my flesh Reducing me at the shadow of myself
Hopeless 04:33
Insanity grows, In scarlet mist. The forest screams, A growl of madness. Birds fly toward a darkened sky. Banishing all gleam of hope. Tonight darkness rise, And bitterness spreads, Like a tragic symphony.
trembling hands kept the void in depth hollow eyes under mourning sun dread, blackness and tears move from a dream to a dream let the wind blow the gleam something grows in the dark and taints in gray my mind but no light shines in my eyes
Skull alone in a box with remains on a skin and flesh background. To go in peace with black and sad thoughts. Flowers fade. Flesh hands spread then gather. Regrets and sadness. Buried to bloom again. And again fade and die.
Days long gone turn the candles in deep black light nothing left to hope in any better days


Labels :

Satanath Records

Silent Time Noise

More Hate Prod


released April 11, 2014

All instruments and lyrics by Abysmal Growls Of Despair.


all rights reserved



Abysmal Growls Of Despair UK

Onemanband of extreme musics, drifting through wide range of sounds like ritualistic dark ambient, drone and funeral doom.

"It's just so overwhelming that it overtakes you and, like I said, a few times I had to switch it off to take a breath and escape the suffocating grip this yields on the body and spirit."
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